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Gynecology Conditions We Treat

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Conditions We Treat
The women of Central Florida and around the region who suffer from a variety of complex gynecologic and pelvic conditions, disorders and diseases can find innovative solutions at the Center for Specialized Gynecology. Just as each gynecologic condition has a variety of symptoms and causes, there could also be a multitude of therapies and surgical options to consider.

Establishing the proper diagnosis is the best first step in deciding upon the solution that is best for you. Based on the specific gynecologic condition, there are many therapeutic and non-invasive techniques available to treat complex gynecologic disorders. However, if surgery is the best course of action, Dr. John Kim possess expert skill in minimally-invasive, robot-assisted and laparoscopic surgical options, many of which utilize the da Vinci® Surgical System, to treat gynecologic conditions—from the simple to the complex.

To learn more about the challenging gynecologic conditions the Center for Specialized Gynecology treats, as well as the treatments and therapies, and procedures provided, contact us.